Southern Avionics

Southern Avionics

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For 51 years, Southern Avionics Company has been providing safe and reliable navigation aids for industrial, civil, and military users throughout the world. Southern Avionics’ products and services lead the industry as a navigation solution for both aviation and maritime situations.

The first commercial offshore beacon was invented and installed by Southern Avionics in 1963. Since then, we have installed approximately 10,000 offshore and onshore NDB's. Because of our superior product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, we remain the most trusted name in radio beacon navigation.

In 1997, the United States Coast Guard contracted Southern Avionics to design and produce over 100 one-kilowatt RSIM-Controlled DGPS Reference Station Transmitters. These transmitters were built to meet stringent operational, site, and delivery requirements and continue to form a major component of the USCG Nationwide DGPS program. In addition to the USCG system, we have supplied numerous DGPS reference station transmitters to Maritime and Lighthouse Authorities around the world.

Today thousands of users on land and at sea continually rely upon the same product quality and reliability that have made Southern Avionics the industry standard in low frequency radio beacon technology for the past 51 years.

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