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SAILOR maritime radios are built to last. Many vessels still depend on SAILOR radios fitted decades ago and today's generation offers that same hard-wearing, rugged reliability combined with technical innovation.

Take for instance the SAILOR Replay functionality, which stores the previous 240 seconds of communication for the user to recall at the touch of a button. Considering the harsh environments our radios are used in, this feature can enhance safety and operations on any vessel.

Feature rich and rugged, we have ensured that there always is a SAILOR radio for all applications. From standard workhorse VHFs, Class D VHFs to GMDSS Class A certified radios. From Low to High powered MF/HF GMDSS systems to GMDSS approved mini-C, SSAS and LRIT solutions.

Choose fixed or portable radios for everything from oil & gas platforms, offshore vessels and tankers to fishing vessels, superyachts and leisure boats - This including intrincically safe portable radios with the necessary ATEX approvals. Whatever your vessel, stay safe and set sail with SAILOR maritime radio systems on board

With a long history in the world of GMDSS for the professional market, you can trust SAILOR to meet your needs for the entire package - VHF, MF/HF, mini-C, EPIRB, SART, touchscreen message terminal and accessories.

All our GMDSS products are fully approved so you can be sure that you are meeting your statutory requirements. Likewise, the quality and reliability inherent in SAILOR GMDSS equipment means that you can trust it to operate even in the toughest conditions, so the possibility of receiving heavy fines because of equipment failure is much lower when you sail with SAILOR.

It's not just GMDSS either, we have Radio Communication-at-Sea systems approved to the ATEX standards for use in hazardous environments, whilst many of our satellite and radio systems are FCC and US Coastguard approved for use in North American waters. Likewise, when any country approval is needed for specific SAILOR equipment, we make sure it's there, so you can use your systems legally, and significantly enhance safety, anywhere in the world.

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