Simplifying advanced critical radio and broadband communication

Simplifying advanced critical radio and broadband communication

Simplifying advanced critical radio and broadband communication

DAMM Cellular Systems is a world-leading provider of scalable, userfriendly and cost effective critical radio and broadband communication to industrial, commercial and public safety customers. The DAMM TetraFlex® solution has been implemented in hundreds of successful projects worldwide, and have proven the durability and cost-effectiveness of DAMM solutions under the toughest working conditions.

Think big, start small, scale fast

Companies with a successful critical communications radio platform think in terms of total life-cycle costs and economics. With DAMM TetraFlex® solutions you can achieve lowest possible cost of ownership, in CAPEX as well as OPEX. Based on decentralized architecture, DAMM offers a TETRA system that frees you to scale up, scale down and move around — at the speed you need.

Save operational costs with IP65

TetraFlex® Outdoor Base Station Ideal for harsh environments, the IP65 encapsulated outdoor base station is built to last and suit the toughest industry requirements. Rugged and compact, it has been designed with no fans and no rotating disks, hence we have eliminated a very common risk of breakdown of hardware.

The TetraFlex® Outdoor Base Station offers extremely low power consumption. This fact, added to the IP65-encapsulation, eliminates the needs for air conditioned housing, and thereby saving both installation and operational costs. It is ideal for tower mounting in harsh environments, and the extremely low power consumption means it can easily run on solar power. Offering full redundancy and intelligent distributed architecture, TetraFlex® provides operation-critical communications to support your daily business.

Choose the right infrastructure, applications and terminals – here’s how:

Select the quality infrastructure with a modular approach that can easily be scaled to meet your needs. Then choose the best applications for your critical communication system. Finally, as an independent TETRA infrastructure provider, DAMM has developed TetraFlex® for full interoperability (IOP) with all TETRA terminals, allowing you to freely choose and combine any of your favorite terminal brands. In this way you are freed from bundled package deals.

The TETRA experts – trusted by industry leaders worldwide since 2000

The DAMM TetraFlex® solutions have been implemented in hundreds of successful projects worldwide, and have proven the durability and cost-effectiveness of DAMM solutions under the toughest working environments. To support our state-of-the-art TetraFlex® Systems, DAMM has built up an extensive global network of certified system and application partners. Need help to select products, find references and case studies, or supporting documentation on how to choose the best critical communication for your business?

The intelligent DAMM solution approach

TetraFlex® is 100% IP-based and comes complete with compact outdoor or rackbased indoor base stations, that can be installed in any combination.

TetraFlex® offers comprehensive features, as well as an integrated software such as network management, voice and data recording and full dispatch applications. Additionally an open API enables seamless integration into third-party systems.


Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) has been developed by industryexperts alongside the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and has emerged as the unchallenged standard for the most demanding and professional users of radio communications worldwide.

TETRA technology brings new outstanding features to mobile communications, by combining the features of mobile cellular phones with fast data communications and the workgroup capabilities of PMR. All communications over TETRA are reassuringly private, secure and robust. The fully digital technology provides consistent and low noise voice quality. Further the TETRA technology is inherently efficient in the way it uses the frequency spectrum.

Some of the key services differentiating TETRA from other wireless technologies include individual simplex and duplex calls, group calls, pre-emptive emergency and priority calls, dynamic group number assignment, call authentication, late entry, voice encryption, packet data services.

As a global open standard, TETRA allows a mix of different manufacturers' TETRA equipment on the same system. Today, TETRA has been adopted and supported by a large number of radio communication suppliers worldwide.

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